Usufruct Agreement Parties

1. Usufruct on the building and the earth, but the building is destroyed in some way before the end of the period of usufruit. The usufruit on the building is finished, but the usufruit in the countryside continues. Therefore, usufruit is always allowed to use the land and use all the materials of the houseremainc. Therefore, even if the naked owner wants to rebuild, but the usufruit refuses, it is the usufruit that prevails for the use of the country, is still his for the rest of the period2. Usufruct on the building alonea. The usufruit of the building ends, but the usufruit can still use all the materials on the restb house. The usufruit is also entitled to the use of the Landc. But it is precisely because there was no usufruit in the countryside that the naked owner has a right of preference to its use 1.

When the naked owner and the usufruit are involved in the bonuses and the property is destroyed. If the owner builds a new building, the usufruit continues the new building. If the owner does not build or rebuild a new building, the naked owner will receive the insurance allowance, but should pay the interest to the usufruit of section 611. A usufruit that exists in favor of several people who lived at the time of its constitution does not die until after the death of the last survivor. (521) 1. If the naked owner has received the compensation, he has the opportunity. Replace with equivalent dingb. Or to pay the usufruit the legal interest on usufruit2.

If the naked owner and the usufruit were compensated separately, each has the compensation granted to him, the usufruit is totally extinguished3. If the compensation has been awarded without loss of days, he must give it to the naked owner and force him to return the interest or replace the property. This article distinguishes between a case in which the usufruit and the naked owner participate in the payment of the insurance premium and a case in which only the nu-owner pays because of the refusal of the usufruit Article 569. Civil fruits are considered daily and are part of the usufruit at a time when usufruit can last. (474) – Unless the value of the usufruit is reduced or the right to the casting is altered, section 594. If the owner makes extraordinary repairs, he has the right to demand from the usufruitier the legal interest on the amount estimated for the duration of the usufruit. If it does not do so if they are essential to the preservation of the cause, usufruit can do them; however, at the end of the usufruit, he has the right to demand from the owner the increase in the value that immobility may have acquired through repairs.

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